welcome to outreach books + library

We are a mutual aid organization located in maryland dedicated to providing radical texts to local communties, helping to make texts on race, class, and politics more accessible to young aspiring organizers. We also provide free non-perishable/snacks/drinks to visitors, whether it be for our reading groups, book check-ins/outs, or just stopping by in general.

Through critical dialouge on the errors of capitalism, now heightened by a deadly pandemic, we learn how we can help each other.

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What books are currently avaliable?

Will there be book clubs?

How can I support you all?

Although our current locations and hours are TBA, our library selections are avaliable on outreachbooks.libib.com 

It will be updated regularly with our new books that are added to the shelves. In order to hold a book for checkout, message us on instagram or contact us on our email with your email address and name!

Yes! There will be meetings over Google meet or Zoom and later on, in-person meetings where we will have food and drinks for those attending.

Books we plan on reading:

  • Mutual Aid by Dean Spade

  • Marx’s Capital Illustrated by David Smith

  • The End Of Policing by Alex S. Vitale

  • The People’s Guide to Capitalism by Hadas Thier

  • Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon

... and many others later down the road.

The long-term goal is for in-person meetings with free provided copies for all people attending meetings.

We are accepting new/used book donations to our PO Box:

PO Box: 581

Zip Code: 21113

Odenton, MD

While books on topics of race, class, feminism, etc are always welcome, we are quite open in what books can be donated to us. Whether it is cookbooks, books in spanish, comic books, or children's books, they are all welcome! The only books we do not welcome is that of racist/fascist content.


Other ways of supporting:

100% of the proceeds is going to the following:

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  • Paper

  • Ink

  • Books

  • Storage

  • Food Supply

  • Transportation

  • Office supplies

  • Shipping

  • Misc. Supplies